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We offer world-class sports betting software with our own unique mathematical models to over 40 partners across the globe. With 12+ years of experience and a team of 50+ experts, we lead our clients to success by helping them adapt to new markets and ever-changing requirements.

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About Us

Kickertech is on a mission to bring the best sports betting experience to a global market. We offer B2B solutions to partners lacking enhanced features, or those just looking to increase their margin. Our in-house sportsbook services focus on building market competitive offerings starting from our mathematical modeling; to automation with artificial intelligence; finishing up with our large team of traders and associated trading tools. We provide complex solutions which are easy to manage for our partners and grant full flexibility for customisation when required.

50 + Team
Dedicated, professional team of experts.
40 + Partners
We keep growing monthly.
12 Years in business
Long term strategy and investment.

Our Services

Mathematical models

Own mathematical models to enhance the offering for an event from any tier. Contuniously developed and optimized together with data analytics.

Artificial intelligence

AI helps us to identify patterns and trends which make the sports betting more efficient by providing personalized experiences to punters.

Data-driven Development

Our platform processes over 3mln messages a day. We handle a lot of data which helps us to understand the industry on a better level and improve the product.

Bespoke Trading & Liability

We provide Manged Trading Services (MTS) based on the strategy which is tailored specifically to your market needs and player segment preferences.

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